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Email that I received you maybe interested in?

Web Bug from Jeffrey,

World-renowned Industry Rockstar Trainers and Entrepreneurs, Jeff and Kane, are running an incredible 2-day event called ‘Release Your Inner Rockstar’next week in Sydney, the week after in Brisbane and early next year in Melbourne. 

Jeff & Kane usually charge $2000 for this event, however, FOR ONE TIME ONLY you can attend for F’REE
I’m serious. 
Nada. Nothing. Gratis. 
But you have only 1 chance. This offer IS NOT coming back!
So this is it… 
Release Your Inner Rockstar
Sydney – October 29-30
Brisbane – November 5 – 6
Melbourne – February 18 – 19 

So, why would this be important to you? 

Well take Emily’s story for example…. 

… Emily was running a struggling consulting practice turning over a modest $6,000 a month. 

She wanted to grow her business, but always seemed to fail regardless of what she tried. 

She eventually went to Jeff and Kane for help, thinking it was a lack of knowledge and abilities holding her back. 

So when they told her that her real problem was actually herself, she was shocked. 

You see, Emily had a poor self image and this manifested itself in the way she was marketing herself to clients. 

She had wanted to raise her rates for example, but couldn’t because she didn’t feel she was worth it deep down. 

So Jeff and Kane initially switched Emily’s focus from her business to herself. 

They made her see the valuable, credible, compelling and interesting person she was. 

They then showed Emily how to raise her rates and, as she did, her relationship to herself began to change even more. 

Emily started exercising more, spending more time with her children, and the relationship with her husband shifted. 

Jeff and Kane also worked on Emily’s positioning and marketing so she could attract more clients. 

18 months later, Emily was turning over $300,000 a month in her business and had several consultants working under her. 

That’s right, she’d gone from struggling to make $6000 a month to making $3.5 million a year! 

The best part was she had learned to loved herself, was less stressed and had more free time to spend with her husband and children. 

So, let me ask you this: 

… What if – like Emily – you could overcome your self-doubts and defeat any self-limiting beliefs? 

… What if you could reprogram your mind to attack your goals and stay focused on them like a laser? 

… And what if you had the strength to stand tall through adversity and defeat any obstacles that got in your way until you did? 

Well this is exactly what Jeff and Kane’s Release Your Inner Rockstar event is about. 

Sydney – October 29-30
Brisbane – November 5 – 6
Melbourne– February 18 – 19 

… They will reveal a NEW tool that’s going to help you cope, adapt and even thrive in colossal times of change like these. 

… Plus show you how they bounced back from failure and built FIVE 7-figure businesses over the past several years (including one that turns over $500K a month)… 

… Along with how they’ve helped 156 other entrepreneurs start from scratch and build their own 7-figure business too… 

So if you’re feeling overwhelmed with self-doubt and nervous about your financial future, then I urge you to click the link below there are still tickets available. 

I suggest you take action today because at this fr*ee price, we don’t expect tickets to last long… and this offer is NEVER going to be available again!

To your success,

Ken Wood

Ken Wood

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