How to get 1.5 Million New Customers


Email I received -

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Dear Jeffrey,

Sales had been ‘ok.’ Not good…but ‘ok.’

But then Tom and Larry met millionaire maker Steve Scott.

Their invention – The Total Gym – met all 3 of Steve’s criteria for a breakthrough product…so the odds of success were stacked in their favor.

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Your business on 2000 websites in 4 weeks

Email I received -


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Hi Jeffrey,

If you want a flood of new leads & clients for your business….

Or…if you want to unleash massive waves of traffic to your website…

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Brisbane BootCamp – Complimentary Tickets

Email I received if anyone is interested

Hello again ,

If you live in or near Brisbane I have some great news.

I have a number of complimentary tickets available for people who would like to spend the day with Wilson Luna at his Brisbane Boot camp on the 10th of December.

Who is Wilson Luna you might ask? Read More…

You’re invited to the Property Profits workshop

Another email I received about property seminar.



Hi ,

We would like to invite you to the FREE
Fast-track to Property Profits LIVE Workshops
to learn how
you could create a portfolio worth $147,000 in additional equity and
$12,000 in surplus annual cash flow in less than 18 months (no
matter where you are starting from today) using smart strategies and
revolutionary new technology.

In this exciting Real Estate
Investar, content rich LIVE workshop, we walk you through
step-by-step and show you exactly how you can increase your
equity and cash flow regardless of whether the market is going up,
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Have your teenagers become inspired leaders this December

Email I received you maybe interested in?

Good Morning Jeffrey,

The teenage summer camp you wish you’d done.

Remember when you were a teenager, your confusion, questioning and the need to just flee from it all?

You had so many things going on in your life, bullying, friends, girlfriend and boyfriend issues, fitting in, being a rebel, school, church, sports and a messed up family, to name but a few!

We’ll this is what this invitation is all about.

Imagine what you could have achieved if you’d only had the right kind of influences, the ones that really mould us into inspiring and influential leaders.

Read More…

Release Your Inner Rockstar – Comp Tickets

Email that I received you maybe interested in?

Web Bug from Jeffrey,

World-renowned Industry Rockstar Trainers and Entrepreneurs, Jeff and Kane, are running an incredible 2-day event called ‘Release Your Inner Rockstar’next week in Sydney, the week after in Brisbane and early next year in Melbourne. 

Jeff & Kane usually charge $2000 for this event, however, FOR ONE TIME ONLY you can attend for F’REE
I’m serious. 
Nada. Nothing. Gratis. 
But you have only 1 chance. This offer IS NOT coming back!
So this is it… 
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